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Hershey’s Releases Halloween Map To Show Where Trick-Or-Treating Is Safe

With all of the uncertainty brought about by COVID-19, parents and kids are wondering if trick-or-treating is off the table this year – it’s in a few weeks but so much can change by then. And while Halloween festivities are being shut down entirely in some cities, some experts agree that trick-or-treating should be OK if you follow certain safety precautions. Still feeling unsettled about your plans? The Hershey’s Halloween map has made planning a little bit easier.

They have launched a special website that maps out safe trick-or-treating plans for every county in the United States. The Halloween map is color-coded to show each county’s COVID-19 risk and has a list of activities that correspond with that risk. Green counties have the lowest risk, while red indicates the highest risk. Plus, the company provides Halloween celebration recommendations for each color — from trick-or-treating or with masks on and candy tossing to staying at home to watch scary movies on Netflix and drive up trick-or-treat stations. There are even suggestions for adult fun, such as a neighborhood pub crawl with driveway drink stations.

Hershey’s also recommends that trick-or-treaters heading out on Oct. 31 should only go to houses where the residents have taken the Safe House Pledge. The pledge includes commitments from parents and trick-or-treaters that they will stay home if they’ve been sick, are staying six feet apart from anyone outside of their household, washing their hands and wearing protective face masks.

This is a pretty awesome Halloween map tool if you ask us. Whatever we can do to make our lives less complicated these days is welcome. It seems that Hershey may have just saved Halloween.

What are your plans for Halloween this year?

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