Panera Bread is Selling Groceries to Help People Eat Well While at Home

In these truly weird and challenging times, everything from toilet paper to patience is low in supply. So when Americans began to find it difficult to get groceries due to strains on the food chain, Panera Bread – among other companies – has stepped up to find a way to get groceries delivered directly to your home.

Panera Grocery was announced by the Panera Bread company on April 8th as a convenient alternative to hunting down groceries everywhere. Customers can use a simple app or go directly to the Panera Grocery website and choose between Rapid Pick-Up (this is the curbside pick up model), delivery through Grubhub, or a catering option for business or even family gatherings of five or more people, which may not be an option in many places unless you are quarantined with a large family.

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“From limited choices on grocery shelves to the growing need to limit the number of trips outside of the home, it is an incredibly stressful time when it comes to putting wholesome food on the table, and we knew Panera could help,” said Niren Chaudhary, Panera CEO. “With this new service, we can help deliver good food and fresh ingredients from our pantry to yours, helping provide better access to essential items that are increasingly harder to come by.”

The offerings look pretty darn good too. The Family Feast starts at $29 and includes enough food for a whole family – including those adorable little picky eaters.

Panera isn’t the only company to add grocery and pantry items to their business model, several other national chains have stepped up too.

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California Pizza Kitchen has opened a meal kit and pantry service to customers looking for food. Calling it CPK Market, customers can quickly snag their fav produce, meats & seafood, milk, beer & wine, and more and then have it delivered directly to their home with still practicing social distancing.

Moe’s Southwest Grill is now offering their own Moe’s Market for customers to order their fav Moe entrees. You can order all of the ingredients by the pound that you need to build your own Moe’s meal. They pre-cook the proteins and bundle the ingredients in bulk so you can cook for your family and provide delicious and nutritious meals even when a grocery store is not an option.

If you’re like me, though, and you don’t happen to live near any of these national chain restaurants that offer delivery services then try calling your local mom and pop shops. Small businesses are suffering and turning to creative means to help get their goods to customers. You might be surprised to find that your favorite bakery or cafe is willing to do curbside pick-up.

Stay healthy, and stay home.

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