Kellogg’s Joins GLAAD in Fight Against LGBTQ Bullying

The only real way to end bullying is to normalize the opposite behavior. By creating a culture that is inclusive and compassionate we can eliminate bullying especially for friends who identify as LGBTQ, which is why it is amazing that Kellogg has joined forces with GLAAD to create an anti-bullying campaign that everyone can love.

To do this, Kellogg has released a cereal six-pack with our favorite flavors Corn Flakes, Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, Frosted Mini Wheats, Raisin Brand, and Rice Krispies. The six iconic cereal brands are packaged in one large purple box, which is significant since the color purple represents LGBTQ awareness and is displayed with pride during Spirit Day when parades and events are held around the country annually, on the third Thursday in October to celebrate LGBTQ.

Across the front of the purple box are the words ‘All Together’ and it shows the beloved mascots for each iconic cereal behind a bowl filled with all six cereals that are included in the box.

Pretty awesome. But it gets better.

The All Together campaign is an effort to help support GLAAD’s pledge to end bullying against LGBTQ people.

According to a statement on the Kellogg website, “We all belong together. So, for the first time in history, our famous mascots and cereals are offered exclusively together in the same box for All Together Cereal. It’s a symbol of acceptance no matter how you look, where you’re from or who you love. We believe that all people deserve an environment where they can be their best selves. That’s why Kellogg’s has joined forces as an official partner of GLAAD to celebrate Spirit Day, the largest most visible anti-bullying campaign in the world where millions wear purple to stand up against bullying and to support a more accepting world for LGBTQ youth.”

The Kellogg Company is donating $50,000 to GLAAD to support its anti-bullying efforts.

Spirit Day is more than just parades and fun, though. It’s a national day to recognize the LGBTQ community and to stand up against those who bully and mistreat LGBTQ members. According to GLAAD, “Spirit Day is a means of speaking out against LGBTQ bullying and standing with LGBTQ youth, who disproportionately face bullying and harassment because of their identities. Pledging to “go purple” on Spirit Day is a way for everyone — forward-thinking companies, global leaders, respected celebrities, neighbors, parents, classmates, and friends — to visibly show solidarity with LGBTQ youth and to take part in the largest, most visible anti-bullying campaign in the world.”

To take the pledge, you can visit GLAAD here. To buy the limited edition All Together cereal (which I can’t wait to eat all together in one giant salad bowl!) click here.

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