Life-Size Buddy the Elf Inflatable Is The Hottest Holiday Yard Ornament This Year

It’s not even the end of the first week of Spooky season but Target is already selling out of this year’s hottest holiday yard ornament, a life-size Buddy the Elf inflatable for an affordable $50. Yup, you can own your very own uber excited, photorealistic Buddy the Elf and be the envy of all your neighbors.

Unless you fall in that category of people who think that inflatables are tacky as hell. In which case, Target is already putting out their holiday decor options and some of them are truly inspired. The Target Wonderland shop features lovely items that all aim to help you create an outdoor wonderland of holiday spirit. Think less kitch and more class. You can shop Target’s curated holiday decor collections that feature themes nostalgic as Silver Sidewalks (think 50’s charm) to North Pole Farmhouse chic.

But if you’re all in on those fun inflatables because let’s face it, kids want pops of pizazz and not subtle hints of chic to make their holiday amazing, then you’ll love the fabulous selections they have going on right now. You can choose from Disney’s Nightmare Before Christmas, The Grinch, and of course, a huge selection of snowmen and reindeer and elves.

While it may seem too early to start thinking about holiday decorations, remember that Halloween is in five minutes and Thanksgiving is in a few hours. Or so it feels. Christmas is actually twelve weeks away and Hanukkah is only eleven weeks away. Picking up those decorations while supplies are abundant, probably on sale, and definitely affordable is always a smart idea.

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