The Best (& Quickest) Ways to Deal With Burnout


I have a friend, Nicole who worked as a certified event coordinator in a big corporation planning meetings and conventions every year. When she first started out, she worked late and on weekends. She dealt with exhausting demands from her bosses, detailed logistics and short-notice deadlines. But as time went on, any semblance of a balanced life no longer existed. She still had to deal with her family, kids, school schedules etc. She had no energy and she felt like her world was spinning out of control. In short, she was burnt out.

Nicole’s story isn’t so unusual. The demands placed on many women these days exceed the resources they have available to deal with the stressors. So how do you bounce back or catch it and combat it early? These tips should help you stress with burnout in a hurry:


Exhale and inhale at 4-7-8

This breathing exercise is also known as “The Relaxing Breath.”  You can either do this while sitting straight on your chair or on the floor.  First, you have to release one deep exhale. Then, close your mouth and inhale using your nose for a count of 4. Next, count up to 7 while holding your breath. Finally, breathe out to the count of 8.

Repeat the exercise three more times. You can deal with burnout in a matter of minutes with this alternative to meditation that usually takes hours to perform preferably in a quieter place.

Take a nap

If you try doing the breathing exercise, there is a possibility that it may cause you to doze off. And that’s ok. Scientists point out that sleeping provides numerous benefits to cognition and wellbeing even in small amounts.

Unload using brain dump

What’s going on in your head after a stressful morning? Burnout denotes build-up of negative thoughts and emotions. Try to get them all out of head by grabbing a pen and paper, crafting a list of your musts and wants and evaluating how to accomplish what you have listed.

Overcome negative emotions

Deal with burnout in a matter of minutes by overcoming negative bias. After making a decision, avoid overanalyzing the situation. If you have made mistakes on even simple tasks, don’t trash talk yourself. Treat yourself with kindness and celebrate your small accomplishments for the day.

Outsource for help

It’s hard not to burn out when you are trying to prove yourself at work and to your boss. And while asking for help may seem like a sign of weakness, it’s really not. Outsource what you can to others and you may receive a pat on the back for managing your time wisely.

Remember why you enjoy your work

No job is perfect. But when you are complaining about your work more than you aren’t, it’s time to recall the reasons why you were so excited to accept your position to begin with. Take some time to learn or teach yourself a new skill at the office so you don’t feel like you are doing the same tasks day in and day out.

Walk on

Leave your desk for a while and take a walk outside for a few minutes.  The fresh air will clear your mind and seeing others going out and about your day will inspire you.

Create happy thoughts

Give yourself one thing to look forward to each day. This will relieve some of the stress and may even put a smile on your face. Your colleagues may even pick up on your upbeat attitude and this could improve their outlook as well.

Step away from social media

While spending time on social media may seem like a good way to give yourself a break, it’s not. Checking your social media newsfeed or checking text messages could stress you out even more.