How To Become a Minimalist in 7 Easy Steps

How To Become a Minimalist in 7 Easy Steps

The “less is more” philosophy is all the rage right now. Like other lifestyle changes, individuals often decide to become a minimalist when they have had major changes in their lives like a birth, a move, or a death. Others might just be inspired by the decor style or the new Marie Kondo documentary and can’t stop asking themselves if something “sparks joy.” If you think you want to become a minimalist, there are a few simple steps you can take to get on your way to pairing down and embracing less stuff. Here are some easy ways to become a minimalist while still holding onto your favorite things.

Look Around and Make a List of Stuff You See That You Don’t Need

If you haven’t used an item or worn an article of clothing for over a year then you probably don’t need it. Barring women who are or have recently been pregnant (you might go back to those old clothes) pile up anything you haven’t worn or used and see if it is something you still feel attached to or think you’ll miss. Get rid of anything you don’t feel connected to or use anymore.

Stop the Paper Clutter at the Source

Go paperless with your bills. Cancel catalog mailers. Automatically throw junk mail in the recycling bin. Cancel old magazine or newspaper subscriptions you no longer read. And then slowly work through your pile, careful to shred anything with personal information, and recycling the rest.

Get Rid of Duplicates

Most of us have accumulated two of something in our house. Whether it is old appliances, multiple pairs of the same jeans, or two of the same book — eliminating duplicates helps to pare down all the stuff.

Minimize Your Wardrobe

Have you heard of a capsule wardrobe? The idea is having a collection of sustainable basics that you can rotate and wear with multiple things, thus eliminating things that are too “on trend” or that are cheaply made and only worn a handful of times before it takes up precious real estate in your closet. It makes getting dressed more efficient and your closet clutter free.

One In, One Out

Embracing the idea of one in, one out means you don’t bring something new into your home without getting rid of something old. This helps you to be more mindful about what you bring in and helps you to eliminate things you don’t really need or use.

Eliminate Clutter

Have you ever heard the phrase “Tidy Bed, Tidy Head”? Well, for many clutter is more than just an eye sore. It is a mind sore. Eliminating piles of clutter and coming up with a system to deal with clutter before it piles up helps keep both the house and mind tidy and calmer.

Learn To Let Go

Sometimes we create emotional attachments to items when we don’t truly love them. Whether this stuff represents something to us or fills a void, dealing with the underlying issue and letting go of our attachments to things helps us to let go and move on.

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