11 Modern Baby Cribs for Style Conscious Parents

It has been a while since I have bought a baby crib for a nursery, but I recently went shopping with a friend who is expecting her first child and I was amazed to see the selection of modern baby cribs for nurseries that are available these days. When I was pregnant, choices were limited to a traditional crib that was kind of ornate, a sleigh style, or something that looked like a box with rails. Not anymore. The modern baby furniture trend started a few years ago, meeting the needs of modern-minded parents who wanted an alternative to circus themes and matchy-matchy nursery items. Decent options are no longer limited and there are now tons of modern baby cribs to choose from!

For those who want to set their nurseries apart from the whimsical crowd, these 11 modern baby cribs are sure to deliver the look you want:

More Baby Nursery Decor:

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