11 Perfect Gifts for Her You Can Buy Online

11 Perfect Gifts for Her You Can Buy Online

This ‘gifts for her’ list is for every mum who is buying Christmas gifts for friends or mums or grandmas or aunties – or just making your own ‘wish list’ of things you really want yourself! It can be really handy to just be able to send the husband a URL and say, “anything on this list will be great.” Mind you, if you do that with this list, be prepared to receive an owl egg shaper under the tree. Just sayin’.

Does your man buy good gifts? Mine used to be SO GOOD at gift giving. Then I became a mum and he started giving me things like cookbooks and toasters. What’s with that? I had a strong talking to him after the year the Australian Family Favourites cookbook was unwrapped (it’s actually a really good cookbook, but don’t tell him I said that!). After that he started gifting me ridiculously skimpy lingerie that is small enough to just about fit my big toe. God love him. Here’s my massive hint to him this year (and, BTW, this list marries up very nicely with my Gifts for Friends list too!):


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