Spanish Children’s Books: 7 Excellent Reads

Spanish children’s books are a great way to teach your children Spanish. I’m raising my kids to speak both English and Spanish, and while raising bilingual kids isn’t easy (I’m totally guilty of speaking to them in English…a lot!), my husband and I read to them in Spanish every single day! We believe one of the best ways for them to learn Spanish is to read to them in our language as much as possible, so we have Spanish children’s books everywhere: all over our apartment, in our stroller basket, and in the car. My pre-schooler (and 17-month-old!) loves it when we read these stories (my older son has memorized every word and loves to read the palabras from these amazing books back to us!). Hopefully your kids will love some of our favorite Spanish children’s books, too.


Buenas Noches Luna

A nighttime must, my little guy is saying a lot of words and one of them is “Luna” because of this Spanish children’s book.

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orugaLa Oruga Muy Hambrienta 

The classic story about a caterpillar’s transformation into a beautiful butterfly is one book my son can’t get enough of. He loves repeating all the foods the caterpillar eats–especially fresas–his favorite fruit!

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huevosHuevos verdes con jamón

This Spanish children’s book had my son at “¡Ese Juan Ramón! ¡No me gusta nada ese Juan Ramón!” I love the traditional Spanish name in place of Sam, and, like the English version, the book encourages my son to try a new food by taking just one bite. Anything helps with my picky eater!

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osoOso pardo, oso pardo, ¿qué ves ahí?

Pájaro Rojo, Pato amarillo, Caballo azul, y Rana verde — the amazing illustrations come to life as your niños learn about the different colors and animals in Spanish.

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oveja¿Dónde está la oveja verde?

Where could that green sheep be? The search for the oveja verde comes to life with cute (and funny!) illustrations. My son always stops to ask why one of the sheep está asustada.

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mama¿Eres mi Mamá?

A baby bird that hatched while its mother was away sets out to find her. The pajarito asks everyone he meets along the way, including a dog and a cow, “¿Eres mi mamá?” My son loves it when el pajarito meets un feo Pronk!

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nieveUn Día De Nieve

As I read this now, I tell my son that soon the cold weather will set in and and just like the little boy in this story, he too will have his own adventures in the city (Brooklyn!) on a very snowy day.

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