Hilarious Captions for Ridiculous Stock Photos of Mums

If you’ve read a story about mums online, then you’re sure to have come across those eerily sanitised, stereotypical stock images of mothers that manage to say something but absolutely nothing at the same time. Cue mum Sara Given’s hilarious mockery of maternity stock photos via her Facebook page It’s Like They Know Us.

“I was in the Facebook group for a parenting podcast and one of the members posted a ridiculous stock photo of this drop-dead gorgeous, hair-and-makeup-done mum with a breast pump and suggested other people do the same,” she explains. “I started captioning the photos and adding my own, and they told me to run with it!”


Sara continues, “For me personally, breastfeeding was incredibly difficult. I remember sitting in the lactation consultant’s office for the 80 billionth time and staring bleary-eyed at this picture of a beautiful mother nursing her peaceful baby and thinking that I must just be the absolute worst at this.”

Here, a few of Sara’s funniest captions on some some of the most ridiculous stock photos of mums:


 Image via It’s Like They Know Us on Facebook

“Henderson loves when I do this on his desk.”


Image via It’s Like They Know Us on Facebook

“If there’s one thing my toddler loves more than following multi-step directions, it’s wearing things on her head.”



Image via It’s Like They Know Us on Facebook

“What luxury away from home! There is always somewhere clean to set my things, and these handy straps definitely don’t look like they’re coated in a fine layer of poo from every baby that’s ever been changed here since 1973.”


Image via It’s Like They Know Us on Facebook

“I’m going to get all of my homework done right now so I can go to bed early and have a nice leisurely morning!”

pregnant woman sleeping with noisy kids

Image via It’s Like They Know Us on Facebook

“So then I was like, ‘Don’t worry Mom, we will feed and entertain ourselves while using an appropriate volume of voice for sitting next to our pregnant, sleeping mother and not for bellowing into the Grand Canyon or other vast, naturally-occurring geological rock formation. You need your rest.”


Image via It’s Like They Know Us on Facebook

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Check out more hilarious captions at It’s Like They Know Us on Facebook and Tumblr.

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