The 5 Best Playdate Ideas from Latina Celebs

As you know, playdates can be just like date night—in order to keep it interesting, sometimes you have to switch things up. Here are a few ideas for quality time with your kiddos, courtesy of your fave celebs. 



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Roller skating like Christina Milian

Give your child the gift of going old school roller skating by hitting up a rink and renting those skates. 



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Backyard picnics like Jessica Alba

The easiest way to create some time together? Moving mealtime to the outdoors—picnic time, anyone? 



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Movie time like Jennifer Lopez

So you may not be starring in the movie like J.Lo, but who doesn’t love popcorn and treats while watching a flick? 


Sport dates like Alessandra Ambrosio

These seats can’t be rivaled, but whether you hit up a basketball game or your local little league, watching a game together is always a fun idea. 



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Hikes like Zoe Saldaña

Just being outside with your niño or niña and spending time together is the best—and it’s a tradition that will grow over time.

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