5 Stylish Ways to Update Your Home on a Budget

I think the most inspiring, pin-worthy homes have three smart things in common: clean design, unique pieces, and personal touches. And here’s the thing: You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a beautiful home. (I personally follow a bonito y barato rule of thumb when it comes to decorating.) Get inspired with these gorgeous ideas:


Make rooms appear larger with strategically placed mirrors. A leaning or wall-mounted mirror can brighten your space, and make a narrow room look wider. Choose a frame with a matte or shiny finish in gold or white for a modern look.

Photo: Britta Marie of Britta Marie Photo | Styling: Cassandra Eldridge of Cassandra Photo


Add a pop of color to your room. Painted cupboards give this kitchen a big boost. Other inexpensive ways to add colorful accents to your home include bold throw pillows on a neutral couch, a vibrant bedspread in a black-and-white bedroom, and bright wall art on a pale-colored wall.

Photo:  Custom Super Homes


Get creative with storage. The look is modern, clean, and you’ll create conversation pieces throughout your home. Here, a rustic ladder touched up with a bright coat of paint is the perfect way to organize a beautiful shoe collection.

Photo: Metro Home Site 



Make a gallery wall. Dedicate some wall space to special people, favorite quotes, and mementos from your travels. Create a unified look by choosing frames in the same color or neutral frames in similar colors.

Photo: Britta Marie of Britta Marie Photo | Styling: Cassandra Eldridge of Cassandra Photo 



Personalize your decorative items. Monogrammed throw pillows add a traditional touch to this contemporary bedroom.

Photo: Love Letters To Home 

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