Why I’m A CloroxToiletWand Convert


As the mom of a little boy, you can imagine the messes I deal with in the bathroom. Sure, the bathtub, the sink, and the mirror get pretty grimy. But the real issue I have with the bathroom is the toilet. For some reason my kid hasn’t quite learned the basics of using the toilet. Maybe that’s on me? And so I find myself cleaning the toilet constantly, both inside and out.


Enter the Clorox ToiletWand! This thing has saved my toilet cleaning life. We finally threw out our nasty toilet brush and replaced it with the Clorox ToiletWand. A toilet cleaner that doesn’t require you to keep the disgusting brush that has been in the dirty toilet over and over is my kind of cleaner. The handy caddy holds both the wand and the new cleaner heads so it’s super easy to use. I love that we can just snap on the disposable cleaning head, clean the toilet and dispose of the cleaning head so easily.

I was surprised by how well the ToiletWand worked, too! Let’s be honest: the toilet can be a hard place to clean. The hard-to-reach-places are generally hard to clean but the head handles them wonderfully, making my job so much easier. I absolutely love it and I will never go back to having a dirty toilet brush to clean my toilet.

Cleaning something with something that’s dirty? That doesn’t really make sense, does it?

So let’s clean, shall we?


It’s SO easy to use, I just might have to start making cleaning the toilet part of my son’s chores. Just open the storage compartment and click the cleaner head onto the wand.


Start scrubbing! I love that it creates bubbles. I feel like bubbles clean so much better than just liquid. There is a reason I didn’t show my “before” toilet. I like you too much to subject you to that.


See? Sparking clean in no time. Now use the eject button to dispose of the used cleaner head and you are done my friend.

My life just got so much better.

This article was sponsored by Clorox