Kids Craft: Pom Pom Party Hats

Got a kid’s birthday party coming up? If you have a entertain a group of children for hours, set up some kid crafts to keep ’em busy and happy. These Pom Pom Party Hats are perfect; they are easily customizeable to suit each child’s unique style and the kids will have a party favor to take home when the birthday party is over. This craft can be customized and made easier for younger kids or more intricate for older ones. Try this DIY at your next kids’ party!


  • kraft paper
  • party hats
  • yarn
  • glue
  • scissors
  • pen
  • tape
  • glitter
  • stickers (optional)
  • markers (optional)
  • decorative craft feathers (optional)

Party Hats Kids Craft - Materials


Step 1: Carefully take 1 party hat apart so it lies flat and trace the shape onto the kraft paper.

Party Hats Kids Craft - Step 1

Step 2: Cut out the traced party hat from the kraft paper.

Party Hats Kids Craft - Step 2

Step 3: Use the glue to attach the paper to the party hat. Now, you have a blank canvas ready for decorating!

Party Hats Kids Craft - Step 3

Step 4: Put the hats back together! See? They look better already.

Party Hats Kids Craft - Step 4

Step 5: Let the kids go wild with creativity. Help them make a pattern or letter or fun word with the glue.

Party Hats Kids Craft - Step 5

Step 6: Grab the glitter we all love so much and sprinkle away! Now set them aside to let them dry.

Party Hats Kids Craft - Step 6

Optional: You can also set out markers, stickers, and decorative craft feathers and let the kids use their imaginations to decorate the hats to their unique tastes.

Step 7: To make the pom poms for the tops, take the yarn and wrap it around your fingers. For a bigger or smaller pom you can use more or fewer fingers.

Party Hats Kids Craft - Step 7

Step 8: Take a length of yarn, make it a bit long, and tie it tightly around the wrapped yarn.

Party Hats Kids Craft - Step 8

Step 9: Now fluff your pom and grab your scissors and trim it to your desired length.

Party Hats Kids Craft - Step 9

Step 10: Remember that long string we tied around the yarn earlier? Take the two ends in your hands and cut one off. Not too short, but just long enough that it matches the rest of the pom. Take the remaining string and pull it through opening of the top (at the point) of the hat, pull it tight and tape it down to the inside of the hat. You’re done! Party on!

Party Hats Kids Craft - Step 10

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