Brooke Burke-Charvet Ventures Into Teen Territory

Brooke Burke-Charvet, ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ hostess and mother of four opens up about those scary teen years!


Brooke is mom to Neriah, 13, Sierra, 10, Rain, 6, and Shaya, 5.  Shares that juggling four kids is work, but she adapts to their constant changes. “With four right now, they’re all growing up and becoming their own little people. When something works for one, it fails for the other. I’m sort of learning a new language every month, it’s crazy.”

Her daughter Neriah recently became an “official” teen and wants to dive into mom’s closet, but can’t. “Thirteen is a big deal. She’s outgrown me and outgrown my shoe size. I’m glad she cannot wear any of my shoes because they’re not appropriate. But her foot is now bigger than mine so I’m off the hook.  Now it’s, ‘Can I wear a wedge?’ And ‘How high can the wedge be?’ And ‘When can I wear a high-heel?’”

Brooke says that raising four kids is a team effort for her and husband David, “It’s a joint effort — my husband is very hands on. We don’t have much of a social life because we really believe in family time. Family is first for us in our household.”


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