Brooke Burke Charvet Wants Another ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Trophy?

‘Dancing with the Stars’ co-host Brooke Burke Charvet sits down with Rachael Ray to share her hopes for a reunion of past winners.


On today’s episode of the Rachael Ray Show, celebrity mom Brooke Burke Charvet dishes on missing the dance floor, and talks about her wedding to David Charvet. Here’s a sneak look at her interview:

Brooke would go on “Dancing with the Stars” for an all-star reunion:

“100% yes, and I haven’t danced ballroom since the show, I would love to and being on the show, it just makes me want to dance again. I would love to get back on the dance floor, wouldn’t it be fun to have the champions do a dance, or like a show? Yes! The only problem is my partner Derek, who’s going to get him? which champion? They’d have to swap partners. That would really mix things up, but it would be so fun I would love to.”

Brooke on her costume malfunction:

“And nobody’s knows it, thank God for Twitter, Okay, about 5 minutes into the show, I’m standing in the skybox and I hear (makes zipping sound) and I went, “no, no, no!” and I had on the blue dress with the zipper that was literally down to my hip and I yelled for my stylist and my entire dress just came apart at the seams, and we went to a commercial break.”

Brooke on her role in her new short film:

“We just did this really fun, campy, way over-the-top short film, and I loved it because I got the chance not play myself, I got to play this character, where every single, thing, very Mary Tyler Moore, everything that could go wrong in a day went totally wrong, this was the mud, I fell face-down, and it was really me, into a giant mud puddle going to on a morning jog, Yeah, that’s me spitting out grass in someone’s back yard, hopefully they don’t have a dog.”

Brooke chats about her wedding:

“Well, we did it very spontaneously on a sailboat, we put a message in a bottle, so I stood overboard with David and all four kids and we threw our message out into the ocean, it was just really nice because it was just us, it was literally just the six of us, and one couple who are very close to us and that was the perfect day, wedding, for us, by us, it was how we wanted it to be, no pressure, it was really romantic, simple and spontaneous.”

Tune in today, March 26th, for the full interview!

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