DIY Valentines Stay at Home Dinner

Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday this year, so if going out to a restaurant mid-week is impossible for you and your Valentine, why not plan your own romantic DIY Valentine’s dinner at home?

Making reservations for a romantic Valentines dinner in a fancy restaurant might sound like a great idea, but if your budget or mid-week schedule just can’t handle that plan, here are some simple ideas to help you make a special DIY Valentine’s Day dinner at home.

Depending on their ages, if you have kids, you can either plan to put them to bed before you dine or include them in on your dinner so that your whole family can celebrate Valentines Day together.

So let’s get started now with some ideas to help you lay out a plan for your Stay-at-Home Valentines dinner.

Set the Table with Candlelight & Flowers


altOne of the best ways to set this meal apart from an ordinary weekday meal, is to choose a different location to set the dinner table or else add some simple touches like these super easy to make candlesticks that will add ambiance to your dinner table. Set the table with a simple table cloth or colorful red paper placemats to make the table look even more festive.

Keep The Meal Simple

Choose a simple meal that you can make ahead of time, or if you don’t have time for cooking, phone ahead and order some simple take-out food and either pick it up or have it delivered.


altHowever, if you do have the time and you feel like cooking, this veal osso buco or this super easy recipe for salmon are sure winners that will definitely make the meal feel special and are sure to earn you rave reviews too.



Serve Colorful Cocktails in Champagne Flutes

altIf you have tall champagne flutes, these colorful Pomegranate Champagne Cocktails, not only look beautiful in the glass and are delicious, but they’ll also add a deep romantic red color to your Valentine Table Settings too.


altOr any one of these 3 bubbly champagne cocktails would also be great choices to pair up with your Valentine’s dinner. And if you’re kids are joining you for the meal, these alcohol free Pomegranate Fizz Mocktails will work perfectly to serve them as a special treat.

Include a Special Valentines Gift for a Future Date

Show your Valentine that you’re totally committed to keeping the sparks and romance going year round, and not just on Valentine’s Day. You can show your love and commitment to keeping the romance going, by purchasing some movie tickets for the two of you or by presenting your Valentine with a gift certificate for a romantic couple’s massage. Or if your Valentine has a favorite restaurant, you can present them with a gift certificate for that restaurant to be used sometime in the future for just the two of you.

Give the Meal a Sweet Ending


altEnd the meal with a sweet dessert, which you can either buy pre-made or else you can dive headfirst into making these decadent Brownie Bites that your whole family are sure to love. And if want to make these even more special for this occasion, you can serve each brownie bite with a dollop of vanilla ice cream over the top or on the side. Now enjoy yourself and I hope you have a fantastic Valentine’s Day!