New Year's Resolutions for Moms

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Busy Moms that Actually Work

Resolution #1: Say No

New Resolutoin #1Busy moms have an “I can do it” attitude. That’s one of their secrets to being able to do it all. This year, embrace the “I can’t.” When faced with piling more on your plate (like volunteering to be the troop leader, soccer couch and PTA coordinator all in the same season) take the opportunity to say “not now” or “no thank you” when asked. Of course, pull your weight whenever you can, but if you’re typically the one who is called on to make the magic happen, give someone else an opportunity to shine.

Resolution #2: Delegate

Summons up all those times you’ve thought “Because I said so” was a good enough answer and give it to those who question why you’re outsourcing whatever you can. Save yourself time and energy by utilizing an online grocer who delivers, using a drycleaner that picks up/drops off, and hiring a housekeeper to come in once a week if it’s in the budget. Getting whatever you can off your plate allows you to free up space to take on things that really need your attention.

Resolution #3: Be the First One Up

New Year's Resolution - Wake UpThe truth is that you can’t meet anyone else’s needs until you’ve met your own. Set your alarm to get up 30 minutes before everyone else in the house to take a shower and drink your coffee in peace.While you definitely want to get as much shuteye as you can, getting up and tending to your own needs before your brood needs you is much easier than changing your name first thing in the morning when everyone is calling for you.

Resolution #4: Make “I’ll need to check my calendar” Your Mantra

Is darling daughter available for a playdate tomorrow? Let me check my schedule and get back to you. Are you able to attend the PTA meeting on Friday? Let me check my schedule and get back to you.  Are you free to volunteer in the co-op the first Friday of each month? Let me check my schedule and get back to you. Commit to responding to demands on your time with an instance on checking your calendar first. When you do, it gives you an opportunity to truly evaluate if you’re able to commit and prevents you from double-booking, which just takes more time to undo.

Resolution #5: Schedule ME Time

Whether it’s date night with your partner, a girl’s night out, or a stress-free evening in the bathtub and a good book, schedule you time into your calendar. Set aside 20 minutes each day to decompress and care for yourself and at least one night a month to do something for you. You need to recharge your batteries if you want to operate at optimal performance all of the time.

When you make resolutions that benefit you so much you want to keep them, it’s easier to stick to them. This year, let yourself off the hook and commit to making resolutions that you can’t afford not to keep.

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