Rain Boots to Keep Mom Singing in the Rain

The next time you hear the rain pouring down outside, you won’t be afraid to head out if you’re wearing any one of these super comfy and weather resistant rain boots.


If you’re a mom who’s constantly on the go, you don’t have time to let a little weather slow you down. So take a look at any one of these cool Rain Boots and see which pair best fits your needs. And then treat yourself to whichever pair will help keep you dry and get you through your day, or leave a not-so-subtle hint on your holiday wish list, so Santa will know exactly what you want this year.


altHere’s a boot that seems to answer all the questions about what you need to look for in a rain boot. This DAV Shearling Cuff Rain Boot not only has a great urban style look, but it’s interior is lined with a super comfy shearing fur too. You’ll love that it’s exterior is waterproof, so you can splash around in just about any rainstorm and still have your feet come out warm and dry.

Image: repeatpossessions.com



altIf you have thin calves and often have a tough time finding boots that fit you well, the narrow calf width on this Color-Topped Rain Boot may just be your solution. They’re handmade in France with a rubber upper and sole, and the inside features a cushioned insole. The bold splash of color at the top of this boot gives it a fun playful twist that sets it apart from other more conventional looking rain boots and it’s available with either orange or blue color accents.

Image: anthropologie.com




altI love the sophisticated look of these Michael Kors Fulton Rain Boots, which makes them fun to wear not just with jeans, but they also look great with a skirt and tights too. Their solid rubber finish makes them super durable and the strap and gold tag detailing give them an added touch of class that will make you want to wear them everyday, rain or shine!

Image: nordstrom.com