DIY Knitted or Crocheted Holiday Pet Gifts

If you’re hooked on knitting or crocheting, chances are you’ve probably accumulated a stash of yarn leftovers that are just too beautiful to throw away, yet you never quite know how to use them. So if this sounds like you and you’re also looking for a way to personalize your holiday gift giving this year, look no further.

DIY Soft Knitted Dog Bones


altYou’ll love these adorable Knitted Dog Bones, not just because this project is a great one for beginners, but it’s also the perfect way to use up all those leftover yarns too. And the pattern can be adjusted to make larger sized bones if you have a large dog. Of course if you know your dog is the type that totally annihilates most pet toys, you’ll need to use your own discretion to determine if this knitted toy will be appropriate for your pet.

Image: Ravelry


Easy Striped Dog Sweater


altNow that the weather has started to turn a bit chilly again, you don’t want to leave your pup to shivering when you go outside for a walk

This adorable two tone striped dog sweater is the perfect way to ward off the cold weather and if you know the basics of knitting and purling, you’ll be able to whip it up in almost no time.



Colorful Crocheted Pet Frisbee



Here’s another fun and simple project that’s perfect for using up those yarn leftovers. And you can combine almost as many colors as you want to create this bold looking Crocheted Dog Frisbee.

Your pet love fetching it and if your attempt at throwing it happens to go astray, it won’t hurt anyone who might get in it’s way. Plus when it gets an abundance of dog drool built up on it you can easily throw in into the wash to clean it back up again.



Cozy Crocheted Cat Hive

altWhen I first saw this clever cat bed with this cat peeking its head out, it reminded me somewhate of a Bee Hive, so that’s why I’m calling it a Cat Hive.  The website it’s on appears to be in Finnish, but fortunately the site owner been kind enough to provide us with instructions in an English Translation, which you’ll find if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the post.  It seems the concept of cozy translates across almost any language!




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