This Mini Farm Teaches Kids How Vegetables Grow

This portable mini vegetable farm is not only a fun kid’s activity, but it also lets kids witness how vegetables grow, right before their eyes.

You don’t need to own a large plot of land, in order to enjoy the rewards of growing your own vegetables.  This Rootvue Farm Garden Kit includes a styrofoam base with a built-in water basin, along with a clear front viewing panel that allows kids to see what happens as plants grow, both above, and below the soil.



Also included in this kit, are 8 soil mix wafers, 3 kinds of seeds, a 16 page Guide for Growing, several plant identification labels, along with a chart for measuring plant growth. And what’s even more fun about this Mini Vegetable Farm, is that your kids can easily assemble their own mini farm container, mix their own soil and plant 3 different kinds of seeds, so they can watch them grow. And there’s no better way for kids to learn, than by getting hand’s on experience like this.



altThe styrofoam plant base tower is easy to assemble and includes it’s own water basin at the bottom. Your kids will love to mix their own soil and then preparing the plant tower themselves, by filling it with the soil, planting their own seeds and labeling them.




The clear view front panel on this mini farm provides your kids with a rare opportunity to see how the underground root system supports plant growth. Aside from being a fun activity to do at home, this kit also works great as a classroom learning tool or as the perfect teacher gift.

Note: This kit is intended for use by kids ages 4 and older




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