Halloween Pet Costumes

Who says humans should be the only ones to have fun on Halloween? Get your pets in on the fun with these irresistible Halloween Pet Costumes.

While I’m not advocating that you have your pet wear a Halloween costume for the entire day, if worn for just a short time, these pet costumes can be a fun way to include your family pets into your Family Halloween photos forever.

Aside from the Halloween parties and trick or treating, choosing a Halloween costume always seems to be a big part of the fun on Halloween. And Halloween always presents fantastic photo opportunities too, so these amazing pet costumes are the perfect way to include family pets into your family Halloween photos.


altThis tuxedo outfit is adorable and it includes a jacket, shirt and top hat that will look great in all your family Halloween Photos. It’s available in a medium size and will make your pet look very dapper and dignified.

Image: spirithalloween.com




What could be more irresistible than your wiener dog masquerading as a wiener? If there is a Pet Costume contest in your neighborhood, this Wiener Dog Costume is sure to win a prize.

Image: orientaltrading.com




Pirate costumes are always a Halloween favorite, and this pet pirate costume rivals Johnny Depp’s Pirate’s of the Caribbean rendition. It is available in 6 different sizes and is fitted with velcro fasteners that will help keep your pet comfortable during your family photo shoot.

Image: petco.com




This king of the jungle hoodie costume will make your pups feel like they’re king of the jungle (for at least one day anyway!). They are constructed of a soft cotton fabric with furry mane, ear and nose details and are available in several different sizes, each of which includes a convenient leash hole opening.

Image: trixieandpeanut.com