DIY Craft for Kids: Colored Dipped Pencils

Back to school means your kid is in need of supplies, including easily-lost pencils. Take those boring, old pencils and add a splash of color to keep your child interested in learning.

Just three supply items and easy intructions (you can even make this craft with your kids!) will put your child at the head of the class with these unique, artistic, brand new colored pencils.


  • paint (various colors of your choosing)
  • wooden unpainted pencils
  • tape


Step 1: Dip the pencil(s) into the paint like so. Go as far as you’d like to add more color!

Step 2: Hang the pencils from the bottom of a cabinet using the tape.This drying method is best because it helps smooth out the paint (good old gravity!) and even allow excess paint to drip off. Make sure to put something underneath the pencils to catch the drips.

Step 3: After the paint has completely dried, pick off the paint around the lead of the pencil. Gotta be able to use these beauties, right?

Finally!: At the end, they should look a little something like this. I hope you  and your kids love them! Happy back to school season!

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