American Idol Finalizes New Judges: Nicki Minaj And Keith Urban

All four American Idol judges are finally in place and ready to start their new jobs today!


After months of speculation, it’s official! (finally!) Country singer (and Nicole Kidman’s husband!) Keith Urban and singer Nicki Minaj will be joining Mariah Carey at the Idol judge’s table this season. Show veteran Randy Jackson is also returning, despite earlier reports that he was only going to help out in a mentor capacity this year.;

Rumors are already swirling that Mariah and Nicki, who both started working today at the NYC auditions, are not getting along. Hopefully it’s just to add a little dramatic flair to the show.

Are you looking forward to the new panel on Idol? Or are you over it? I’m hoping Nicole shows up at some point – I may tune in for that!

Photos by WENN