Lindsay Lohan Is Off The Hook In Jewelry Theft; Still Facing Other Issues

Lindsay Lohan just received a “get out of jail free” card in the latest jewelry theft case.


As with every legal case dealing with Lindsay, it’s complicated and filled with twists and turns. In Lindsay’s latest run in with the police, she was considered a suspect in the robbery of over $100,000 in jewelry and other items. The owner of the house, Sam Magid, who first called police to report the incident, later changed his story and said the items weren’t missing. The police decided they had enough evidence and key witnesses to proceed without the homeowner’s help. Lindsay swore to police that the real culprit was Suge Knight’s son, Andrew.

Yesterday afternoon the D.A.’s office decided there was NOT enough evidence and dropped the case. The office released a statement, “The District Attorney’s Office received no evidence that any jewelry, including watches, was taken. The evidence presented to us … was valued at $6,400 and included $3,000 in cash, four pairs of sunglasses, an iPod and keys to two cars and a house.”

Sam also sent Lindsay text messages telling her that he told police she didn’t steal the items because he considers anything of his to be hers, as well. “I officially told Detective Rodriguez you can’t take anything from me cause what’s mine is yours.”

Although she may be breathing a sigh of relief over the news, Lindsay still has a few other legal matters to clear up. Santa Monica police are investigating her for lying after a car crash a few months back. Lindsay smashed her Porsche into the back of a truck on her way to a movie set and initially lied to the cops, telling them she was a passenger. Lindsay is also facing legal action from the famous Sunset Strip hotel, Chateau Marmont. Lindsay has failed to pay up over $45,000 in charges she accumulated during June and July. She is now banned from the Hollywood hotspot.

Do you think the Lindsay Legal Saga will EVER come to an end?