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Is Lindsay Lohan Spilling Her Secrets In A Tell-All Book?

Is Lindsay Lohan adding “author” to her resume? Lindsay reportedly started writing about her life in a series of journals during her most recent stint in rehab and now feels like she wants to share it all with the masses. Rumor has it that Lindsay is shopping the idea around, trying to nab a big payday for a tell-all book! 

Let’s face it, Lindsay has some crazy stories to tell!  She could write about her experiences starting out so young in show business, her mind-boggling amount of legal troubles, her drug problems and so, so much more.  The big question is…how honest would she be?  Lindsay has glossed over the truth more than once in interviews, so would the book be her “version” of reality or the true story?


One thing Lindsay WON’T be writing about it is anything negative about her father, Michael Lohan.  Michael and Dina Lohan have a gag order in place that prevents them from bad mouthing each other or telling stories from their tumultuous early days together.  The order also prevents them from relaying their past and having OTHERS write about it, as Michael fears may happen between Lindsay and Dina. 

Would you read a tell-all memoir from Lindsay?


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