Soothe Away Your Stress With Natural Oils

Natural oils have fantastic revitalising and stress reducing properties.  

They can be used in many ways including diffusers, oil burners, in the bath, in food or drink or applied topically when they are used as ingredients in natural beauty products.  A herbalist should be able to give you information on the best ways to use the oil you choose, or you can usually find instructions on the packaging.  

These days we all have busy lives and, for many of us, this can include dealing with unwanted stress.  The chances to take some time out for yourself might seem few and far between, but when you do have a little time, consider letting yourself really relax and unwind with some soothing, therapeutic fragrances from nature.

Below is some information about some of the best natural oils to help with stress.

Lavender is my favourite essential oil for fighting stress.  It has a fresh and soothing fragrance which can help to calm the nerves and aid restful sleep.  Since lavender is easy to grow in your own garden, some great projects you could try at home include dried lavender drawer fresheners, cushions and potpourri.

Chamomile is a superb stress buster, and is often enjoyed in the form of a delicious tea.  It provides a calming effect, helping with anxiety and sleep problems.  Chamomile is such a versatile oil, it is also used in many natural hair and skin products as it has soothing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Jasmine is a sweet smelling, luxurious essential oil, which has been used as a natural remedy for stress and depression for many years.  It is believed to help boost confidence and combat feelings of anxiety.  A bath with jasmine oil added is a wonderful way to ease tension at the end of a difficult or traumatic day.

Rosemary essential oil is a great pick-me-up, boosting mood and helping to relieve stress.  Most people know that the leaves of rosemary are a useful herb for cooking, but the flowers yield a natural oil which is both refreshing and relaxing.  It blends well with lavender oil for a good all round stress busting treatment.

Lemon oil has a distinctive, refreshing fragrance which produces a positive and calming effect.  It is often found in hair products such as shampoo which promote shiny, healthy looking hair as citrus oils are effective natural shine boosters and cleansers.  

Visit your local health shop to buy essential oils and also speak to them to find out hints and tips in using them.  Essential oils are an indulgent and luxurious way that nature can help to relieve tension and reduce feelings of stress so, if you’ve never tried them before, give them a try!

Natural oils or beauty products containing them are not only great ways to unwind and relax yourself but they also make fabulous gift ideas for a loved one, particularly someone who deserves a nice bit of TLC, and let’s face it, who doesn’t?