Urbio Magnetic Wall Systems

Urbio Magnetic Wall Systems

The clean, modern look of these modular magnetic walls systems can be used both indoors and outdoors, plus they’re also great for keeping your desk or work station organized.



I instantly fell in love with the clever design and cool versatility of this product made by Urbio. It’s just perfect if you have a place in your home where you want to add some greenery or if you have been looking for a fun kid’s activity to do with your kids.  And who wouldn’t love receiving an item like this as a unique gift?



Urbio Magnetic Wall Systems

The system can be purchased as a complete set or you can choose individual pieces separately and design your own personal wall art.





Urbio Magnetic Wall SystemsAnd here’s just one example of how these products can also be used as a desk organization system! Pretty clever, huh?

Images from Urbio

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