Jada Pinkett Smith Talks Divorce Rumors

Jada Pinkett Smith squashes those pesky rumors in a new interview.


For the past year Jada and her husband Will Smith have been plagued with divorce speculation. Jada is hitting back, trying to put the stories to rest once and for all.

The actress, singer, and celebrity mom opened up to Gala Magazine on why she and Will seem to be the latest target :

“I have no idea! Every year, one celebrity couple is under the microscope. This year, unluckily, it’s us! I almost want to say that we should have been expecting it. Will and I know the truth. We’re waiting peacefully for the storm to blow over.”

She adds that the amount of time she and Will spend apart is nothing new and doesn’t reflect on the state of their marriage, but is just normal for their line of work.

“These rumors are completely untrue. I travel a lot because of my work, just like Will does. … But our lifestyle hasn’t changed. Before we had the kids, we were already far away from each other quite often because of separate projects.”

Jada’s daughter Willow is finding success in music and her son Jaden is make a big splash in movies. The proud mom says that she wants them to do whatever makes them happy:

“As a mom, I’m very proud to see them pursuing the things they love. We leave them enough space to express themselves and make their dreams come true. We leave them free to make their own choices. We try not live through them.”


Photos by Wenn.com