Tori Spelling Is Hoping For Another Son

Tori Spelling is hoping to keep the boy-girl ratio even in the Spelling-McDermott household.


Now that Tori and her husband Dean McDermott are expecting their fourth child, she says they’re hoping to keeping things even with another boy. She shared, “We would like a little boy, and Stella…she’s now a middle child and when we told her about the pregnancy she said ‘I hope it’s a little boy for Liam.'”

Tori says that Dean is pretty proud of himself over the pregnancy: “Well, my husband got really lucky that night and then I got lucky. He’s feeling real proud of himself. He’s like a fluffed up chicken. Women walk by and he’s like, ‘Don’t walk too close to me — I’ve got the batter.'”

Tori and Dean are expecting baby #4 sometime in September. 


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