David And Victoria Beckham Are Reportedly Selling Their ‘Beckingham Palace’

David and Victoria Beckham are reportedly selling their $25 million home in London.

Are the Beckhams letting go of London? David and Victoria own this sprawling 24-acre estate in London and are reportedly getting ready to list their home, known as Beckingham Palace, and make their lives in the U.S. more permanent.

When David first signed with the L.A. Galaxy soccer team, the couple kept their London home, but rumor has it they are now ready to sell it – for a cool $25 million! David just signed another contract with the Galaxy and their boys are very settled into their L.A. lives, so this may play a role in the decision.

Helping the rumor along, David is selling off his extensive car collection that is housed on the property. David is selling off two Bentleys, a BMW 645, a Range Rover Sport, his Lamborghini Gallardo, and three Harley Davidson motorcycles.

So, if you’re in the market for a new home……



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