Getting Ready to Grow

Here in nearly-Southern California, we’re slowly coming out of “winter”. And by that, I mean we’re no longer wearing sweaters to the beach. And for the kids and I, the end of winter means time to garden.

I’ve always grown tomatoes, but then, when I was pregnant with Joseph, I started gardening in earnest. I loved the idea of my little sweet pea picking plump peas off the vines, eating carrots straight from the ground, nibbling on sun sweet strawberries, and plucking cherry red tomatoes.

Of course, gardening is not an easy hobby and half the time my plants wither in the California heat. But every spring, the kids and I head back outside to try, try again.

I give them each their own spots to plant and water. I try not to supervise much – which is why radishes tend to grow in my lawn. I want them to grow to love gardening as much as I do. From picking out seeds, planning what to plant, digging in the dirt, and then watching things grow.

So far, they just like to water.

Everything in sight.

Including me.

And each other.

Still, it’s something we enjoy doing together and look forward to all through the long, cold winter.

Stop! It is too winter! My car said it was “icy” one morning. So there.

What hobbies do you plan on passing to your children?