Belts For Boys

Not all pants fit the same and not all little boys are built the same way. My son can’t wear a single pair of pants without needing a good belt. His legs are long but his waist is tiny. There are different belts for different needs and different belts for different personalities, and here are some of my favorites.

The Myself Belt Personalized Black Leather belt ($28.95) is the perfect belt for fancy dinners, formal events and schools with dress codes. The personalization ensures the belt doesn’t get lost or misplaced while the genuine leather makes your little man look dapper.

The Joseph Abboud belt ($24) gives you and your child maximum versatility with the reversible style. One side is a shiny, trendy and dressy white and the other is a more dressed-down navy for everyday wear. Although, white is back for spring so embrace it!

The Gap Kids Neon Patent belt ($24.95) has a glossy patent finish with a polished metal square buckle. The neon orange gives your trendy guy some color and while the neon pink is most likely meant for girls, bright colors are very stylish for both girls and boys this year.

The Myself Belt Navy Firetruck belt ($16.95) is a fun belt for boys. Let your child’s personality shine through his favorite and functional belt. Myself Belt has everything from dinosaurs and trains to firetrucks to planes.

The Gap Kids Braided Leather belt ($14.50) is a must for every boy. The braided band allows for perfect sizing for any child and the braided leather is a simple, classic and trendy look.


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