Your Guide To Closet Organization

For me the place I need the most help with, when it comes to organization is the closet. Luckily IKEA has my back with tons of ideas and items to organize everything from my shoes to clothes to storage. These are my top picks to create an organized and usable closet.

1. EXPEDIT 4 Cube: Ok, not everyone has a closet large enough to put this in (I dream of that) but how great would it be for keeping sweaters, scarves or socks in easy to reach baskets.

2. MÄLLA Organizer: I love this because depending on the season I can either load it up with sweaters to keep me nice and cozy, or open toed shoes to show off that pedicure.

3. BYHOLMA Basket: I have several of these baskets, they are great catchalls. I use them for sweaters, hats and gloves even my socks.

4. SKUBB Shoe Boxes: These are great for storing out of season shoes since you can stack them on top of each other.

5. OMSORG Shoe Trees: I have just discovered the joy of using shoe trees but now that I have I am an addict.

6. MÄLLA Clothes Box with Lid: These boxes with lids are perfect for storing items that you don’t need every day. I use them for out of season clothes and then stack them in the way back of the closet.

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