World Traveler Room

This room is a fun and interactive place for your curious child.


Decorate your child’s travel room with items as you travel together and proudly display school work related to travel and exploring our world.

World Traveler Room

This Patchwork Plaid Bedding ($35-$194) from Pottery Barn Teen is perfect as it gives you a wide range of colors to work with and grows with your child.

The Pottery Barn Teen Peace Rug ($349) brings a new dimension to the room with the message of World Peace. The simple colors accentuate the bedding and bring a cozy feel to the space.


World Traveler Room

The Classic Metro Drapes ($49-$79) in orange pop some color into the room and draws the fun orange colors out of the Patchwork Plaid Bedding.


This huge 13-foot wide and 9-foot high World Wall Map Mural ($149) not only looks good, it helps your child develop a physical sense of each region.


World Traveler Room

The Play Anywhere Table and Chairs ($119) gives your child a place to sit, play, be creative and read. This highly functional set is perfect for a bedroom, playroom or kitchen.

This amazing 12-inch Hugg-A-Planet Earth pillow ($22.95) offers a soft place to rest a tired head, makes a perfect throw pillow — to decorate a bed — and teaches children all about the planet Earth.


World Traveler Room

These Suitcase storage boxes ($24.95) create a perfect pint-size storage space for souvenirs collected from all of your child’s travels. The set of three can be stacked or placed around the room for decoration.

With this beautiful and fun Compass Wall Art ($69), your child will never get lost.

Compliment the Compass wall art with this beautiful Globe piece ($69).


World Traveler Room

The Photo Clip Mobile ($10) is a perfect place to hold and display a tiny traveler’s photo memories, copies from a passport page and collected postcards.

Decorate and play with this Mailbox Set ($26.99) from Melissa and Doug. Send pretend letters to friend and pen pals all over the world.

More decorating ideas for a World Traveler Room:

  • Stencil and paint letters or hang wooden wall letters on one wall to spell out the words ‘explore’ and ‘travel’.
  • Attach wall hooks near the door so your world traveler has a spot to hang his or her bag and coat.
  • Scatter puzzles and stack books about traveling, the World and the USA around the room for decorations and play.
  • Place a globe on a high shelf for decoration then, when your child is old enough, it becomes a learning source.
  • Frame artwork and school work — related to travel and learning about Earth — to decorate the walls of the travel room.