Salma Hayek Talks Motherhood With Rachael Ray

Actress Salma Hayek pays a visit to Rachael Ray’s show to chat about motherhood and ‘Puss in Boots’.


Salma is currently promoting her new movie ‘Puss in Boots’ (in theaters now) and she stopped by the Rachael Ray Show to chat about her daughter Valentina, 4. The full interview airs tomorrow, November 4th.

On ways she cultivates her bond with Valentina:

“I took her on a date; because we have our dates that it’s just her and I,we have to have them. And, they’re always at night, you know, we go to the movies or to dinner just her and I.”

On getting Valentina to eat her veggies:

“I camouflage them. This is a good one, this is a good tip. They love pasta, ok? I put in that tomato sauce. Well, you know what you can hide really well? Aubergine [eggplant], roast carrots, roast bell peppers, and then you camouflage them there. You can put a little bit of greens if you put enough of the other stuff, and then there’s got to be no clue that you lied because then she’ll find it, like ‘Aha!’ Yeah you have to really purée that. It’s the way to do it.”

On how to end the cranky spell while traveling:

“She’s on the plane a lot and on the car a lot, and sometimes they get cranky, and really you know what that is: they’re getting carsick and they don’t understand it. So I have these bracelets that are for motion sickness that I used while I was pregnant, ‘cause I was carsick for nine months nonstop. And I put them on her, and it’s made a huge difference. ‘Cause sometimes they don’t know to explain to you that in the car, not only they’re stir crazy, but they’re a little dizzy, so that helps a lot.”

Salma on her and her daughter’s favorite children’s books:

“I have to say my favorite book when I was her age was my grandmother. My grandmother would come and tell me stories that can be beat by no book in the world. And she, that woman could make stories up night after night; I mean there was no ending. And, for her, she loves Dr. Seuss. All the books of Dr. Seuss, she loves.”

Image credit: Rachael Ray Show