Favorite Online Sites To Purchase Wine

If you are like me, shopping online is sometimes the only shopping you have time for.



Not only do I shop for my household and family necessities online, I also shop for wine online. There are fantastic deals out there on all types of wines.

BevMo.com: Since I live in California, BevMo is one of my favorite online wine purchasing websites because I can either have it shipped to my house or pick it up at the store. BevMo has store locations in California and Arizona but ships to many other states as well. The website is user friendly: you can search by wine varietal, price point and ratings. Not only does BevMo sell wine, they also sell beer, spirits, gifts and other accessories!

Wine.com: Wine.com has been around since 1998 and offers a wide variety of high quality wines. They pride themselves in offering a great selection of wines at low prices with convenient delivery. This is my favorite online website to send wine as a gift. You can order single bottles, collections or even wine gift baskets. While searching for wines to order, you can search by price, style, type or even region. Wine.com is easy to navigate and even has 1 cent shipping deals!

K&L Wine Merchants: Not only is this one of my favorite online websites to purchase wine, it is also one of my favorite stores to go to. My father, who is a wine collector, actually sold a lot of his collection to K&L so I know they have fantastic wines! K&L not only sells wines and spirits, they also have wine auctions, a wine club and sell accessories such as wine glasses and corkscrews.

VINFOLIO: I consider this website to be one of the leaders in offering consumers fine wines. Not only can you purchase wine at Vinfolio, wine enthusiasts and collectors can also sell wine on this website. Vinfolio offers expert wine advice and recommendations. This is my go to website if I want to purchase a bottle to age in my cellar.

My Wines Direct: My absolute favorite feature of this website: FREE shipping to 38 states! Who doesn’t love free shipping? The only drawback is that My Wines Direct only ships when you order at least 6 bottles of wine. This however isn’t usually a problem for me. They offer packs of wines such as Red Wine, White Wine or a Mixed set of reds and whites. This is a great website to send wine or wine gift baskets as gifts.

Lot18: This is a membership by invitation wine website that is free. This is one of my favorite wine memberships that I have because I have access to some of the finest wines made available in small quantities at low prices.  Each product is only available for a limited time. Once you are a member, you can invite friends to also be Lot18 members and earn $25 credit when they order wine. Who doesn’t love that?! One of my favorite features of Lot18 is the reviews and tasting notes about each wine offered.

InVino: InVino is another free membership website. Signing up to be a member is easy and once you are a member you will have access to wines from all over the world for up to 80% off. It’s a private sale shopping community for wine lovers. Just like Lot18, wines are made available for a certain amount of time due to limited quantities and low prices offered. You can also invite friends to be members and earn a $20 credit. InVino also offers packs of wine such as 4 different bottles of Pinot Noir.