Lindsay Lohan In Trouble Again?

Actress Lindsay Lohan has been removed from her court-ordered community service program.


As part of her probation agreement stemming from her shoplifting case, Lindsay had been ordered to serve 360 hours of community service, which she was doing at the Downtown Women’s Center in L.A. However, the center booted Lindsay from their program because she was failing to show up and when she did, would only stay for about an hour instead of the required 4 hours. She has only completed 21 hours so far. Lindsay claims the staff members were mean to her and that she was never late or uncooperative. Lindsay’s probation department assigned her to the Red Cross last week and the actress says she’s more than happy with the new arrangement.

Lindsay has a progress hearing before the judge next week and it may not go too well. Aside from the issues with her community service, the troubled starlet has also blown off her required weekly meetings with a psychologist. The judge was VERY clear with her that if she failed to meet any of the requirements she would head straight to jail.

These photos are from an event Lindsay attended on Wednesday night. The change in her appearance is startling, isn’t it? It’s hard to watch someone with so much potential having such a hard time.


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