Tiffani Thiessen Shares Harper’s Progress And Talks Post-Baby Body

Tiffani Thiessen dishes on her daughter’s growth spurt and embracing her post-baby curves.

The ‘White Collar’ star’s daughter Harper Renn is already 15 months old and is off and running: “She’s talking up a storm. Not walking anymore, now running. She loves swimming now. That’s her big thing. She loves to get in the pool with us. From the 12-month to the 15-month mark has probably been her biggest stretch of [milestones]. She’s not a baby anymore. It’s funny.”

Tiffani says that she’s not expecting her body to be the same as it was pre-pregnancy. She is embracing the changes and the new curves:

“It’s a new kind of body. I don’t think after having a baby you go back to exactly what your body was before. And I’m totally okay with that. I’m kind of loving the more voluptuous look that I’ve got these days.”


Photos by Splash

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