Liven Up Your Desk

Now that Spring has arrived why not give yourself a little bit of color therapy to get you motivated when you are at your desk  at work and at home.  Studies have shown that color helps boost your mood and can make you more productive.  

I use different sizes of tin cans to hold my pens, markers, and pencils on my desk.  Decorating the cans with wallpaper, gift-wrap, or scrapbook paper not only makes the cans pretty but keep me organized, too.

I also like to find ways to repurpose items that are destined for the trash – which makes tin can organizers not only a good thing for the environment, but your desk as well.


1. Remove label from can.  Use gift-wrap, wallpaper, or scrap book paper in bright colors and patterns to recover the can.  Use a straight edge ruler and a craft knife to cut paper to size.  Attach paper to can using a glue stick.

2. Add some rubber bands or colorful elastic ponytail holders around the cans to display favorite photos and to keep reminders in view so you don’t forget things on your To-do list.

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