Shh! I am a Ninja Gift Guide

Before you knew it, ninjas had infiltrated your house, and they won’t disappear into the night, silent and deadly…Because you son is obsessed! Don’t fight the ninja, (you won’t stand any chance), befriend them and you will never hear: “Mom, it’s a ninja thing, you wouldn’t understand.”


  1. Matryoshka Ninja Nesting Dolls $13.99

    Don’t mess with these guys because they start training before they start talking. Tiny ninjas have their own toys that instill sense of the ninja community from the very young age. This Matryoshka Madness!™ set of six nesting Ninjas is one of them! Made from high grade ABS material with superb graphics! These nesting dolls have been approved in an independent study by the National Lekotek Center as very suitable for children with special needs!  
  2. LEGO NINJAGO Spinjitzu Dojo – $49.95

    Older ninjas get a chance to develop their strategic and tactic skills staging battles and getting past the obstacles to defeat their evil adversaries. Lego + ninjas = one very happy child; clever way to satisfy two obsessions with one gift.  
  3. NINJABREAD MEN™ – Cookie Cutter – $7.99

    Get some action into your kitchen! These ninja warriors are here to take over your cookie cutters town. They sure will disappear the moment they emerge from the oven. Food-safe ABS plastic. Comes packaged in a colorful gift box.  
  4. Ninja Uv Toothbrush Sanitizer $29.99

    Now, he needs to get some teeth brushing action after fighting and successfully defeating all these cookie ninjas. And here comes the bathroom Ninja to fight germs and bacteria! ZapiPOP™ Hi-Ya Ninja Toothbrush Sanitizer uses germicidal ultraviolet light to kill 99.9% of germs on your toothbrush in just minutes. You won’t have to remind him to sanitize his tooth brush. All it requires is to insert the toothbrush, press the button, and … good bye germs! The sanitizer goes to work, turning off automatically. Your toothbrush head is germ free and safely stored inside ready for the next brushing action!  
  5. Cute Ninja T – $20.00

    Actually, it’s not a good idea to tell ninjas they are cute. Because they are terrifyingly cute!  
  6. Red Ninja Universal USB Flash Drive (4GB) – $34.99

    Score some major points with the ninjas of all ages with this deadly cool assassin. His legendary storage powers had earned him an utter respect of his enemies.