Julia Angel


I have been blessed with the opportunities to travel, experience different cultures, live in different and exciting places. I am driven around the world by an insatiable wanderlust and have learned to absorb and embrace different styles and fashion choices, blending and melting them into my own cosmopolitan style, where anything is possible.

I love arts, I design and draw myself. I live and breathe fashion acting as a personal stylist to my friends and relatives. All of that combined has helped me find alternative ways to satisfy my style cravings in the boy fashion department, on a very tight budget. So creative and resourceful I’ve become in my chic-onomic quest that my son is a head turning style authority. I realized when the recession hit hard putting an end to the insane consumerism that I had valuable knowledge and skills to share for I had been living in recession mode way before the economy crumpled. To see more of my chic-onomic recommendations check out my blog BoysBeCool.

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