Card Flipping Fun

This activity is quite a lot of fun – and it can also come in handy if your kids have a lot of pent-up energy.


All you need is a pack of cards – and some energetic children.


  1. Tell the kids that you’re going to flip over a card and call it out.  Based on what the card depicts, your children will need to do something specific:
  2. If the card is black, they’ll need to close their eyes.
  3. If the card is red, they open their eyes.
  4. If the card contains an even number, they stand up.
  5. If it’s odd, they sit down.
  6. For a King, everyone needs to say, “Your Majesty!” and give a proper salute.
  7. A Queen requires all the children to say “Your Highness” and  do a very formal bow.
  8. For a Jack, the kids need to do a jumping jack — or at least a jump up.

There are no penalties here for anyone who makes a mistake.  Just remind the kid of what they were supposed to do and keep on going.

Oh, and one last thing:

  • For the Queen of Hearts, everyone needs to say “Awwww” and hug a fellow participant or two. 
  • It can get quite tricky – and quite fun – when the kids have to combine several instructions.  A Two of Spades really means “close your eyes and sit down.”  A Jack of Diamonds  means “open your eyes and jump up.”

Kids enjoy this game because they like keeping up with the cards, and they also like not knowing what will come next .

For younger kids, you can simplify the game by either removing the odd-even thing or by just figuring it out yourself and

Just a little card flipping can make for some big fun!