Brad Paisley’s Son Meets His Celebrity Crush Carrie Underwood

Country star Brad Paisley says his 4-year-old son Huck is over the moon after finally meeting Carrie Underwood.

Brad shared: “Huck has the biggest crush in the world on Carrie Underwood. He is obsessed with her and he’s only four.”

The lucky little guy got to meet her when she made a trip out to their home, which Brad shares with wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley and their other son Jasper, almost 2.  “Carrie came over to the farm [last week] and she hadn’t met him yet. He went out and got her roses – we took him to Whole Foods and he picked them out himself – and he wrote her a Valentine and dictated it to his mom.  He said, ‘I hope you have an incredible day and night. Love Huck.’ That’s what he wanted to say to her.”

Carrie’s husband needn’t worry just yet, because little Huck only loves her for her music:   “He likes her and likes her music a lot – in fact one of the things he said that was really funny the other day before he met her was, ‘I don’t like girls,’ And I said, ‘What about Carrie? And he was like, ‘Oh I like her music.’”

Awww, how sweet is that?


Carrie Underwood floral dress, Brad Paisley, black jacket, white cowboy hat

Photos by Wenn / source