Jenny McCarthy Is Firm In Her Beliefs On Autism And Vaccinations

Jenny McCarthy’s opinions on the link between autism and vaccinations haven’t changed a bit.

Despite the medical reports that have dismissed the claims of a connection between the two, Jenny stands firm in her belief:  “People aren’t just listening to what this doctor has said, or listening to me. People are listening to their neighbors and friends. That’s why this story has stayed so powerful. How many times in the media have they tried to disprove the connection? Numerous times. But why does it keep coming up? It’s the power of the people. Many, many more parents out there are still concerned about that connection.

Jenny, who has written two books about her struggle with her son Evan’s autism (which is now cured, she says), is still traumatized by the past:  “I count my blessings every day. We’ve been through hell and back.  I was on the treadmill [recently] and burst out crying, thinking of a time when he’d had a seizure and I had to call 911. I’m still living those mommy nightmares. But he’s alive, talking and happy — and everything is OK.”

She shares that Evan’s got an “awesome personality” and is a typical 8-year-old boy with a love of bugs: “He’s like, ‘Let’s go kill some bugs in the backyard now and go dissect them’.”

Have you read any of Jenny’s books? Where do you stand on the vaccination debate?

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