Ellen Pompeo Dishes On Daughter Stella

At the Gucci RocNation Brunch this weekend, Ellen Pompeo chatted about daughter Stella Luna.

The “Grey’s Anatomy” actress was asked about any new milestones Stella had reached, to which she replied: “Actually no. She’s been walking for a while, and now she’s trying to talk.”  Her husband, Chris Ivery, says 17-month-old Stella is on the verge of “a major breakthrough” with talking.  Ellen agreed, laughing: “She does a lot of noises, for sure!”

Ellen and Chris have no desire to try and determine for Stella what she’ll be when she grows up:  “Whatever she wants to be is fine with us.”

All parents are contractually obligated to say that, aren’t we? That way when our kids decide to make a career out of something completely outlandish we can proudly say “Oh, that’s what we encouraged them to do all along….really!”


Ellen Pompeo, sheer top, sheer animal print blouse, Chris Ivery