Roll Into The Lunchroom With An American-Made Lunch Tote

A stylish lunch pouch is hard to come by, especially if you’re not into the sporty canvas look — or you don’t want it matching your backpack.  Here’s a lunch tote fit for a man or woman, made to last in durability and fashion.  A simple roll and handsome leather strap closure take the simple mechanism of a brown paper bag and turn it into something extra-ordinary for adults.


Canvas Lunch Tote

There is something deeply nostalgic and authentic about the American-sourced Olive waxed canvas that makes up the body of the lunch tote.  Double stitched using heavy nylon thread, long-lasting is no longer a thing of the past.  It has a sturdy flat bottom to keep your contents snugly in place.  With a rolled height of 10.5″, you can really pack in your adult-sized lunch with no worries of squished sandwiches. 

Canvas Lunch Tote


Artifact bags are crafted in Omaha, Nebraska by Chris Hughes, who uses hand tools and vintage industrial equipment in his process.  Each tote is handmade to order, so it can take 4-6 weeks to get to you — certainly worth the wait.  Just plan ahead for that big office lunch meeting to show off your new tote.

You can order this handmade American lunch tote for $45 from the American Handmade website.