Floral Arrangements For Valentines Day Bouquets

If your significant other has picked up on your subtle hints, a floral bouquet, perhaps similar to this one we picked up at the local supermarket, will end up on your kitchen table on February 14th. Instead of plopping them into one large vase, we have a few simple floral arranging ideas to make the most of your pretty Valentines Day gift.


Instead of using traditional vases, I like to collect an assortment of vessels, wine glasses, antique milk pitchers, and jars to display flowers. Check out your local thrift store for all sorts of great glass vessels.


Rather than stick the bouquet in just one vase, try to separate them and divide them into smaller vessels throughout the house.


Even just a couple buds in a small vessel can add a really nice touch to virtually any room in your house.


One bouquet can really go a long way when you use only a couple stems here and there.


Antique wine glasses are great ways to display small bouquets of similar flowers on a long mantle or shelf.


Mason jars are a fun and increasingly popular way to display small bouquets of wild flowers and are often sitting around collecting dust in the basement anyway, wishing they had another purpose besides holding canned peaches.


Not every vase is perfect for the size of bouquet you’d like to display in it. I like to tie a ribbon or bakers twine around the bouquet before placing it in the vase to keep the shape of the bouquet. It adds a nice touch as well.


Monochromatic colors always look good grouped together.FLOWER BOUQUET


One of my favorite ways to display flowers is cramming them in a short and stocky vase, where virtually no stems, and only buds, are visible above the glass.

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