Bathing Essentials For Baby

Nothing’s more fun than watching your newborn squirming around in his first bath. Here are some of our favorite essential picks for bathing a sweet new babe.



  1. DwellStudio hooded towel at Fawn and Forest
  2. Puj Baby Tub by Puj Baby
  3. Classic Striped Pjs from Polarn O. Pyret
  4. Organic baby cloths from etsy seller Curly Monkey
  5. Floating ducks by Kid O
  6. Just One Year washcloths from Target
  7. Burts Bees baby bath soak from Amazon

Some babies love their first bath and feel right at home, while others will howl and scream. Either way, you’ll be prepared with all the essential gear so you can be worry-free and let your partner focus on another crucial part of it: photographing the moment to share with family and friends!  Cherish that moment – you’ll be getting rubber duckies aimed at your head in no time!

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