kids fashion accessories mini dressing socks | photo by hipster mum

9 Adorable Accessories for Toddlers He’ll Actually Love

You know how it is. You stumble across a ridiculously cute kids’ hat/bag/yoga mat (circle appropriate) and you just have to have it for your little one. Sure, it’s double your budget and sold out everywhere except on the other side of town—but it’s stolen your heart so much you’re prepared to face hell, high water, and fisticuffs with another mum just to get it. So, you buy it and lovingly present it to your little one…who screams and throws it across the room where it remains till the next big clean out. Sigh. It’s happened to me a million times, BUT here are a bunch of adorable accessories for toddlers that pass the test at my place. No meltdowns, guaranteed. 

Photos: Hipster Mum and via respective shops

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